From the seed in the ground to the packaging in store, sustainability maintains priority through our entire process.

At Thomas Fresh, sustainable practices are interwoven throughout our entire supply chain. Our environmental stewardship begins by working with growers who take extra steps to maintain eco-friendly practices. Once a product is shipped to us, our facilities’ organic certifications and emphasis on internal recycling ensure that we do our part in minimizing our impact on the environment. Finally, in the grocery store, we mitigate our carbon footprint by using recyclable materials for our packaging wherever possible.

Sustainable Growing

Thomas Fresh partners with growers who put sustainability at the forefront. Year after year, we partner with experienced, reputable farmers who look after the land, their workers, and the surrounding environment. We think that choosing to work with ethical growers goes a long way toward promoting safe and sustainable farming.

Organic Facilities

We believe in the importance of organic products and began selling a variety of organic produce to Canadians in 2005. Today, all of our facilities are certified by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association. Many of our products are offered in both conventional and organic varieties.

Packaging Responsibly

When creating packaging, we maintain an environmentally responsible outlook. All of our Thomas Fresh potato bags are recyclable, be it our baby rainbow potatoes or white potatoes bags.

We have also introduced a recyclable tray for our hot pepper products available for our jalapeño, serrano, anaheim and poblano pepper varieties. We are proud to be using responsible packaging, and look forward to continue integrating more recyclable materials into our future packaging.

Locally Grown

As a Canadian owned and operated company, we provide local produce to Canadians as much as possible. Locally grown items support neighbouring growers and help reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping. 96% of shoppers who buy local products do so to support neighbouring growers and 87% believe buying home-grown is important for environmental sustainability. We recently created a program which supports local on a provincial level, our Alberta Potatoes.