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How Rain in China Affects Your Snap Pea Snack

Of all the snacks you could choose from in the grocery store, kudos to you if you head into the produce aisle to find something crunchy to munch on.

Snap peas have reached a peak of popularity in recent years. The handy grab and go size of a bag of peas is an amazing on-the-run snack choice. It gives you a dose of greens, and helps shore up overall veggie intake for the day while satisfying the need to snack.

According to Thomas Fresh Asian Imports manager, Vera Lok, things have been a little difficult for Snap Peas (and Snow Peas) this season, due to unseasonably high rainfalls throughout many of the growing regions of China. Distributors like us are having a hard time getting our hands on product and, as a result, you may find fewer bags of crunchy peas in stores.

Peas: Very Sensitive to Waterlogging

Peas have a limited growing season at the best of times, and during an exceptionally rainy year they struggle. While some crops are hardy enough to withstand excess moisture, peas (and other legumes and pulses) tend to be highly susceptible to damage when they get too wet.

To put it very simply, the channels that help move oxygen and nutrients throughout the stems of plants can get “blocked up” with water when the plant is overburdened with water. This prevents the plant from receiving the nourishment they need to grow, blossom, and produce. Waterlogged soil conditions also reduce root growth and can predispose plants to root rot.

In the agriculture business, climate shifts are more than a political talking point; they have dramatic effects on the availability of product. If you can get your hands on snap peas or snow peas this season, enjoy them; they may be some of the very few coming out of China this season at all.

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