The Freshest News in Produce!

Christmas healthy stocking stuffers
08 Dec: Healthy Stocking Stuffers
If you're looking for a unique stocking stuffer idea, you're in for a treat! Our organic turmeric and ginger bags are cute, convenient, and make a great little gift for your foodie friends this holiday season.
Red pearl onions in bowl
04 Apr: Spring Into Pearl Onions
Discover what pearl onions are, the varieties they come in, and what you can use them for. These tiny additions to your shopping list will quickly become a kitchen staple!
First nations reserve market garden planting
11 Jan: Press Release: First Nations Reserve Pioneers Thriving Market Garden
Saskatchewan’s Flying Dust First Nations Reserve is home to a one-of-a-kind garden that has transformed the community. With the knowledge and technical expertise of produce provider, Thomas Fresh, the FD Riverside Market Garden is blossoming further into a source of healthy food options and employment opportunities for its community members.
Become a chestnut pro
23 Nov: Become a Chestnut Pro
Have you ever tried a chestnut? These delicious nuts aren't as hard to crack as you might think! Find out how to open chestnuts properly, and discover what tasty treats you can make with them.
Colombian hass avocados coming to Canada
07 Nov: The Great Columbian Hass
We here at Thomas Fresh have some exciting news: We will be offering the FIRST EVER direct shipment of Columbian Hass Avocados to Canada! Find out what makes Colombian Hass avocados great, and learn all about avocados with our avocado infographic!
Father and son using potato stamps
07 Oct: Grateful for Fun!!!
Canadian Thanksgiving is upon us, and what better time to have some fun with the kids and make homemade potato stamps?! Find out how simple and fun this festive activity with the kids can be.