The Freshest News in Produce!

Colombian hass avocados coming to Canada
07 Nov: The Great Colombian Hass
We here at Thomas Fresh have some exciting news: We will be offering the FIRST EVER direct shipment of Columbian Hass Avocados to Canada! Find out what makes Colombian Hass avocados great, and learn all about avocados with our avocado infographic!
Father and son using potato stamps
07 Oct: Grateful for Fun!!!
Canadian Thanksgiving is upon us, and what better time to have some fun with the kids and make homemade potato stamps?! Find out how simple and fun this festive activity with the kids can be.
Family at Thanksgiving Dinner
29 Sep: Thanksgiving – Food – Gratitude
Thanksgiving is an opportunity to show appreciation for those you love by preparing dishes that feature delicious seasonal ingredients. Get tips on what to make this Thanksgiving, including our recipe for French cranberry apple pie!
School lunch - sandwich with juice
29 Aug: Back to School with Thomas Fresh!
Get some great lunch box ideas from Thomas Fresh. Find out how you can dress up kids lunchboxes with healthy snacks that both look and taste great! Also get a recipe for delicious zucchini mini muffins.
White potatoes with Canadian maple leaf
15 Aug: Potatoes: Grown in Canada
What does 'local' really mean, and is it important when selecting produce? Find out where we source our potatoes and why it's great to buy Canadian-grown products when you can.
Get to know chinese crucifers
04 Aug: Get to Know: Chinese Crucifers
Cruciferous vegetables are known for being crunchy, pungently flavoured, and holding up well to many cooking methods, including raw, steamed, boiled, fried, and roasted. Learn more about about Asian crucifer collection!