Gai Lan - Chinese New Year

The Great Gai Lan

Introducing “The Great” Gai Lan! This leafy green vegetable is a popular favourite in Asia and is also known as Chinese Broccoli or Chinese Kale. Gai Lan goes great in stir-fry, soups and pairs well with fatty meats, like pork. It is a wonderful substitute for Broccoli, Kale and Collard Greens – this veggie can be steamed or sautéed in a similar fashion

Thomas Fresh gai lanWhy else is Gai Lan great? This staple green packs a punch of nutrients in each bite! It is high in Vitamin A and C, Iron and Potassium. We have a simple recipe below to get you started in exploring the world of The Great Gai Lan.

Gai Lan and Ginger Recipe

Gai Lan Ginger recipe


450g (1 pound) Thomas Fresh Gai Lan

1-1/2 Tablespoon cooking oil

5 cloves of garlic – lightly smashed

1/4 cup vegetable stock

~1″ of grated ginger

3 tablespoons oyster sauce

1/2 teaspoon sesame oil

French fried onions to garnish


1. Wash Gai Lan and trim 1” from the end of each stalk. Heat up cooking oil in a large pan or wok on medium heat. When oil starts to get hot, add in garlic and fry until golden.

2. Increase heat to high and add ginger slices, allowing to fry for 30 seconds. Add in Gai Lan and ensure oil, garlic, and ginger covers all stalks for another 30 seconds.

3. Add vegetable stock and cover after decreasing heat to medium for 3 to 4 minutes. Stalks should be easily pierced with a fork.

4. Remove Gai Lan and leave remaining stock in pan/wok. Add in oyster sauce, sesame oil, and cook on high for 1 minute.

5. Pour sauce over Gai Lan, top with fried onions, and serve

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