Young Coconut & Dragon Fruit Get A New Look!

It’s no secret that 2020 has seen a lot of changes, especially people’s buying habits at the grocery store. Consumers are cautious of germs, and rightly so. Despite no current evidence to support the transmission of COVID-19 by food, people are concerned about buying loose fruits and vegetables.

This is where packaging comes into play in a positive way, it protects the produce and acts as an extra safety measure against contamination. At Thomas fresh, we wanted to be in tune with these evolving consumer needs and recently launched a unique line of pre-packaged two-pack young coconut and pink dragon fruit.

“Consumers are wanting to get in and out of stores quickly. We produced an easy to grab, recyclable bag to make the shopping experience that much easier for people,” says CEO Roy Hinchey. “At Thomas Fresh, we are always adapting and evolving with the way the modern world is changing.”

Bagged items are becoming prominently more popular, especially for online grocery shoppers. Due to concern over the number of hands that touching items by the time it enters your home, consumers believe packaged is safer. It also offers an advantage to store staff allowing for quicker restock of displays and faster scanning at checkout.

Vera Lok, Import & Export Manager at Thomas Fresh says, having ethnic produce pre-packaged easy to grab, recyclable bags is something brand new in the produce market. “We are so glad that we are able to put such a beautiful product on the shelves that give people confidence in buying Thomas Fresh produce.”

Thomas Fresh partner growers work closely to maintain high-quality produce and are dedicated to following the proper safety and health regulations.

Find NEW pre-packaged two-pack pink dragon fruit and easy-open young coconut for purchase at major retailers across the province.

Click on the images below to learn more about our Thomas Fresh coconuts and dragon fruit!