Asian and Ethnic

Don't let our potato-and-onion heritage fool you; we've carved a niche as a leading supplier of Asian produce specialties.
Thomas Fresh Asian Pear - Grown in Trust

Crisp and subtly sweet. Asian Pears are satisfying with each refreshing bite.

Gawar beans - Grown in Trust

Thomas Fresh carries a variety of popular Chinese beans.

Thomas Fresh Chatoye Squash - Grown in Trust

Crunchy and subtly sweet. Chayote squash is available year-round sourced from Thomas Fresh.

Chinese Bitter Melon - Grown in Trust

Delicious bitters. Thomas Fresh imports exotic fruits from around the world. Bitter melon tastes like you would expect.

Chinese Eggplant - Grown in Trust

Sweet and tender. We use the same well-respected eggplant growers season after season to ensure consistent quality.

Baby Bok Choy - Grown in Trust

Delicate flavours. We import Chinese greens from respected growers in China and California.

Quick Cracked Coconut - Grown in Trust

Thomas Fresh supplies fresh coconuts to retailers and wholesalers throughout Western Canada.

Curry Leaves - Grown in Trust

Add exotic spice to your next curry or soup. Curry leaves provide a bold and unforgettable flavour.

Dragon Fruit - Grown in Trust

Dragon fruit has a similar texture and flavour as kiwi fruit. Thomas Fresh inspects dragon fruit upon arrival to ensure it meets our high-quality standards.

Garlic - Grown in Trust

Thomas Fresh packs palate-pleasing garlic cloves for those who love convenience and flavour.

Ginger - Grown in Trust

Our high-quality, Thomas Fresh ginger is pre-trimmed, making it convenient and ready to use.

Thomas Fresh Guava - Grown in Trust

A fresh tropical flavour. Guava offers a beautiful appearance and delectable taste.

Jamaican Pumpkin - Grown in Trust

Not your average pumpkin, Thomas Fresh searches around the globe for unique fruits and vegetables.

Jicama - Grown in Trust

Versatile in the kitchen. We stock premium-quality Jicama for tuber lovers.

Lemongrass - Grown in Trust

Thomas Fresh specializes in exotics. Lemongrass is prized for its refreshing aroma and delicate flavour.

Nappa Cabbage - Grown in Trust

Available-year round, nappa cabbage is a fresh staple in Asian cooking.

Okra - Grown in Trust

You can’t make gumbo without okra! Thomas Fresh imports fresh okra from the USA.

Thomas Fresh Pomelo - Grown in Trust

Pomelo is an ethnic cuisine favourite with a subtly sweet flavour.

Tindora - Grown in Trust

Thomas Fresh imports a wide selection of Asian vegetables. Tindora is small but packed full of flavour.

Yellow Turmeric - Grown in Trust

Thomas Fresh turmeric arrives in grocery stores as smooth as the day it was harvested.