Thomas Fresh works with the best growers in North America and the world to supply a wide selection of standard and specialty onions.
Red Onions - Grown in Trust

Bold, yet mellow. The red onions we source (sometimes called purple onions) have a mild flavour.

Sweet Onions - Grown in Trust

Sweet enough to eat like an apple, Thomas Fresh imports sweet onions from the United States.

White Onions - Grown in Trust

Thomas Fresh works with a small number of white onion growers that consistently deliver high-quality produce.

Yellow Onions - Grown in Trust

All-purpose onion. We supply yellow onions that offer a nice balance of sweetness and astringency.

Specialty Onions

Cipollini Onions - Grown in Trust

Chef’s choice. Thomas Fresh cipollini onions are used in fine restaurants across Western Canada.

Red Pearl Onions - Grown in Trust

Thomas Fresh specialty pearl onions are grown in trust by Canadian farmers.

Shallots - Grown in Trust

Shallots are described as smaller and more mild in flavour when compared to standard onions.

Tri-coloured Onions - Grown in Trust

Thomas Fresh sources red, yellow and white onions to provide a conveniently packed tri-coloured onion medley.

Limited Edition Onions

Think Pink Onions - Grown in Trust

Support breast cancer research with our 3lb  medium yellow onion bags. Available for a limited time only!