Thomas Fresh organic produce growers are inspected closely to ensure abidance by Canadian Organic Standards and USDA Organic requirements.


Organic Red Potatoes - Thomas Fresh

Thomas Fresh’s delicious organic red potatoes are grown locally within Canada.

Organic Russet Potatoes - Thomas Fresh

Thomas Fresh sources russets from well-respected Canadian growers.

Organic White Potatoes - Thomas Fresh

Thomas Fresh takes pride in only supplying the best organic yellow potatoes to Canadians.


Organic Medium Onions - Thomas Fresh

We supply organic medium onions that offer a fine balance of astringency and sweetness.

Organic Shallots - Grown in Trust

Organic shallots are described as more mild and smaller in size when compared to regular onions.

Think Pink Onions - Grown in Trust

Support breast cancer research with our 3lb organic medium yellow organic onion bags. Available for a limited time only!

Asian & Ethnic

Organic Garlic - Grown in Trust

Thomas Fresh organic garlic is available all year round for garlic lovers across Western Canada.

Organic Ginger - Grown in Trust

Thomas Fresh organic ginger is slightly dried to ensure long-lasting freshness.

Organic Turmeric - Grown in Trust

Thomas Fresh organic turmeric is available at your local grocery store.