Naturally sweet, our fresh fruit selection focuses on the highest quality possible.
Thomas Fresh Cherries - Grown in Trust

Our deliciously sweet cherries are grown in the beautiful Okanagan Valley located in British Columbia.

Quick Cracked Coconut - Grown in Trust

Thomas Fresh supplies fresh coconuts to retailers and wholesalers throughout Western Canada.

Dragon Fruit - Grown in Trust

Dragon fruit has a similar texture and flavour as kiwi fruit. Thomas Fresh inspects dragon fruit upon arrival to ensure it meets our high-quality standards.

Key Limes - Grown in Trust

Tart and tangy, Thomas Fresh supplies key limes that are picked at the peak of flavour.

Thomas Fresh Nectarines - Grown in Trust

Take a bite of summer! Super sweet and slightly tart, nectarines are delicious alone or in baking recipes.

Thomas Fresh peaches - Grown in Trust

Extra juicy and fresh! Our Freestone Peach variety have pits that are free from the flesh of the peach.

*We source many types of fruits both locally and from around the world. However, we sell most of our fruits in bulk form without Thomas Fresh branding. To learn more about our freshly sourced fruits, click here.