Hasselback Potatoes Recipe by Thomas Fresh

26 Feb: Formal but Easy – Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback Potatoes are a Swedish style technique where the potato is baked and cut with slits halfway through. This cooking style offers a beautiful, formal look and here we share with you a great recipe for rosemary and cheese hasselback potatoes.
Father and son using potato stamps

07 Oct: Grateful for Fun!!!

Canadian Thanksgiving is upon us, and what better time to have some fun with the kids and make homemade potato stamps?! Find out how simple and fun this festive activity with the kids can be.
Holding heart - giving

06 May: Feed The Fort

Our friends at the Calgary PMA and Oppy banded together to send a truck of fresh produce up to the tens of thousands of Fort McMurray residents displaced by the wildfire. We were thrilled to donate almost 14,000lbs of potatoes to the cause. #feedthefort #yymfire