Amorosa fingerling potato chips

Pink Potato Chips are an Actual Thing (Recipe Below)

Back in April of this year, we wowed our peers at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association convention when we showed up at our booth with bags of potato chips.

Thomas Fresh potato chips

Our trio of gourmet potato chips was, by some accounts, one of the best food samples at this huge annual conference. Many asked us how we made them.

Chef Hans SauterChef Hans Sauter is a Friend of Thomas Fresh – but more importantly, he’s the Executive Chef at the luxurious Post Hotel in Lake Louise.

It was he who created the unique flavours of our chips… and we can’t give away all of his secrets. But we can share with you one third of the chip trio that made us CPMA-famous, at least for one weekend.

Do-It-Yourself Pink Potato Chips

Potato chips seem, in theory, as though they’d be pretty easy to make: potatoes, oil, salt – right?

In fact, there is a decent amount of science involved in the way the starch levels in a potato variety affect the chip’s colour, flavour and texture. Serious Eats did this in-depth analysis of prepping and frying techniques to discover which methods delivered the most desirably crunchy chips.

Here’s our take on the Pink Amarosa Potato Chips we served to our fans at the CPMA convention. Crunch away!

(Click the picture below to access a printable version of the recipe.)

Pink fingerling potato chips recipe - Thomas Fresh

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